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Cat breeds around the world

Besides dogs, cats are one of the most popular pets throughout the world.

While they were domesticated because they kept mice and other small creatures away from people’s homes, most of today’s cats are bred for their beauty and end up very spoiled members of the family.

In fact, many people dedicated their time and effort to preserve the beauty of various cat breeds and even create new breeds along the way.

What’s the total number of cat breeds in the world? Well, the number of cat breeds worldwide depends on each association that keeps the records.

Thus, The International Cat Association recognizes the largest number of cat breeds, and that is 58 different cat breeds.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association recognizes just 44 breeds of cats, while the Fédération Internationale Féline recognizes 43 breeds.

There are differences in these numbers because what one association considers a particular independent breed, is seen as a color variation by the other associations, for example.

Thus, determining how many cat breeds are around the world at the moment can be quite tricky, so it is best to focus on the cats’ beauty instead.

Some of the cat breeds have a rather long history, as they remained unchanged in time out of the desire of their owners and breeders to preserve their initial characteristics.

Some of them even became rather popular around the world, exceeding their natural areal and reaching cat lovers in various corners of the globe.


Beautiful Cat
Beautiful Cat


While some are small and thin, others can reach impressive sizes, ending up weighing as much as a small breed dog.

Which are the biggest breeds of cats? In case you are interested in owning some of the largest felines out there, which are also legal to keep around the house, then you must know that the Maine Coon is the biggest cat breed in the world.

With a potential of reaching 25 pounds, which is quite a record for a domestic cat, these furry giants of their world are extremely calm, gentle, and cuddly.

The Burmese cat is following, although this is more a tall cat, rather than a big cat, due to its long and athletic figure.

Other large cat breeds are the Egyptian Mau, Savannah, American Bobtail, Siberian, and Ragamuffin, which is a crossbreed that has the traditional Persians in their origins.

Are you in love with spots? Well, then you should know that there are quite a few breeds of cats with spots to choose from.

The Bengal is definitely one of the most notorious when it comes to a spotted fur. It looks just like a miniature leopard, which made the highly popular among cat enthusiasts.

The Savannah is also charming, having a spotted coat that resembles the one of a cheetah.

What it is worth knowing about the Savannah is that the breed was created by mixing a wild serval with a domestic cat, so this breed still has the wild side in it.

The Egyptian Mau and Ocicat are two other cat breeds that present beautiful spots on their coat. All you have to do is find the one that is most beautiful in your eyes.

All 93 Cat Breeds In The World

Cat Breeds of The World – Many Beautiful Cats
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